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From the most traditional whites and creams to the boldest, brightest tones, our extensive The Voice of Color ® palette has colors for any project. Click any color to find complementary colors, get a color sample, and much more.

Even you and I can easily wire a series of traps and security doors and secret panels. Crucially, you're learning real electronics when you do this – it's not some abstract skill that won't help you in real life. I know what an RSNOR latch is. Do you? No? Play Minecraft!

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They are undead who feed on others' mana. They usually gain mana by "sucking blood from others", thus giving their names "blood-sucking demons." By imbuing the mana-deprived bodies with negative life forces, their victims would be reborn as new vampires. Though their life activities are halted if their bodies are severely injured or are exposed under sunlight, they have mastered the technique to turn into mist. They are able to escape before their life activities are completely halted, and can arise again after several days of rest. Traditional forklores tell that they are weak to garlic and flowing water, but such vulnerabilities vary among individuals. Recently, hybrid vampires from multiple races have emerged, and some hybrid vampires are resistant to sunlight.

Moonlight - FloeMoonlight - FloeMoonlight - FloeMoonlight - Floe